''Cannot be called?''

''Someone else is using your email account?''...


What is happening

Alot of people do not know many others have tried to reach them until they find a chance to meet in person.

This means, they are losing alot of chances in life.

Eg. Jobs, Dating. What to do ?

Our mission is to provide an alternative to get connected on top of the phone and email communication you currently have. 

This is a combination of mail and web to get connected.

Totally out of the phone and password system. We set up a message board  to relay messages. All members are addressed by member number. And your messages will not be erased/ altered before you log in. Once it is published, it is always there on the web, as is.

It is only $5/month max 50messages.

You can mail  us see next page.

Your name/ email address/ fax# and fees

We post your reference# on the message board. 


Tak moved out of Richmond BC since 2015 Dec.

Friday routine is cancelled. Find Tak at Chinatown plaza Vancouver Chinatown everyday around 4pm-530pm.  (180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada)Mall lobby area where the tables are.

Look for one with a owl cloth bag and a small

cart of Big Nylon bag ( white with checkers 3'x3') green box at bottom. With a  green or black (horse  logo) cap. Short hair lady 5ft.

(Every grocery day/ Sunday, Tak could be late there around 430pm)

612 Main Street is reopened and Tak just go there for internet around 3pm Tues-Fri. Not working there, not there on grocery days.

​​If you want to donate/contribute to our website,

You can hand deliver to Tak.

Email: click the '' your message to our member form'' at the header of this website.

​Mail: Try mailing to First United Church Community Ministry 320 East Hastings Street Van. BC Canada V6A 1P4 Attention to mail user Tak or P. Lun   ( The previous mailing address 237 E. Hasting R308 (second floor). has someone stealing Tak's mail also living in the same building, and this is a common mail box.. )

Tak comes home around 6pm at 237E.Hastings Street. You can try catching her at the grey door downstairs@237 E.Hastings St. Van.BC Canada. Tak -153cm has fat legs and round shoulders and tugging out a cart with BIG nylon bag.. Some one got her face by plastic surgery in the area. These are China agents having '' thin'' legs for they can run 2 miles in an hour. Plastic surgery to steal identity and residence. George Li did this for them. And they use Tak's profile to make matrimonial money for the Li clan. They are all whores for 60bucks a piece :)  even less at their place of origin, messing up Tak's name using a chip reader...

(No one responds to the door bell at the stairs especially after dark. But door is always open at midday and up one fright of stairs, to the Toi Shan Society and ask for permission to come upstairs.  )